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Gregorian Chant: Audio-Only Files

Gregorian ChantThe table below has 153 examples of various chants. Be patient. The first time this page loads, it takes a few moments.

If you wish to return to this page, just use your browser's Back button or arrow. If there appear to be two audios of the same name, note that the source is different, LU=Liber Usualis, KR=Kyriale Romanum

The music has been roughly grouped by comments or liturgical seasons in the Church. You will find, on the right in the scrolling area, some of the more common chants familiar to most who grew up in this environment. There are links at the top of that scrolling window that will also point you to the simple video files as well. Enjoy...and relax.

Chant Title  Start   Stop Season/Comments Source
Magnificat Tone 2, D, g LU-207
Kyrie I Lux et Origo KR-6
Kyrie I Lux et Origo LU-18
Kyrie IV Altissime LU-81
Kyrie X Alma Pater LU-43
Kyrie XI Orbis Factor LU-46
Kyríe XIV Jesu Redemptor KR-54
Kyrie XIV Jesu Redemptor LU-56
Kyrie XIV Jesu Redemptor LU-54
Kyrie VIII Missa De Angelis LU-37
Gloria VIII Missa De Angelis LU-37
Sanctus VIII Missa De Angelis LU-38
Agnus Dei VIII Missa De Angelis LU-39
Credo III Missa De Angelis LU-68
Alleluia Exita Domine Advent LU-336
Alleluia Laetatus Sum Advent LU-329
Alleluia Ostende Nobis Advent LU-336
Alleluia Veni Domine Advent LU-354
O Adonai Advent LU-340
O Clavis David Advent LU-341
O Emmanuel Advent LU-342
O Oriens Advent LU-342
O Radix Jesse Advent LU-341
O Rex Gentium Advent LU-342
O Sapientia Advent LU-340
Universi Advent LU-320
Agnus Dei X Alma Pater LU-45
Sanctus X Alma Pater LU-45
Principes Sacerdotum Antiphon Vespers LU-1101
Viri Galilaei Ascension LU-846
Ave Verum Corpus Natum Blessed Sacrament LU-1865
Gloria II Christmas LU-19
Gloria IV Holy Week LU-91
Gloria IX Cum Jubilo LU-40
Gloria X Cum Jubilo KR-102
Gloria X BVM LU-43
Dignus Est Agnus Christ the King LU-1709
Gloria Laus Christ the King LU-586
Alleluia Dies Sanctificatus Christmas LU-409
Angelus Ad Pastores Ait Christmas LU-397
Dominus Dixit Ad Me Christmas LU-392
Facta Est Christmas LU-398
Genuit Puerpera Regem Christmas LU-396
Hodie Christus Natus Est Christmas LU-413
Jesu Redemptor Omnium Christmas LU-365
Puer Natus Est Nobis Christmas LU-408
Tecum Principium Christmas LU-393
Viderunt Omnes Christmas LU-409
Hodie Christus Natus Est Christmas Female Voices LU-413
Alleluia Surrexit Christus-Easter Thursday LU-798
Alleluia Beatus Vir Common of Confessor not Bishop LU-1202
Justus Ut Palma Florebit Common of Confessor not Bishop LU-1201
Alleluia Justus Germinabit Common of Doctors LU-1192
Cibavit Eos Corpus Christi LU-943
Lauda Sion Salvatorem Corpus Christi LU-945
Cibavit Eos Corpus Christi Boys Choir LU-943
Quotiescumque Corpus Chriti LU-950
Pange Lingua Corpus-Christi LU-957
Agnus Dei IX Cum Jubilo LU-42
Kryie IX Cum Jubilo LU-40
Kryie IX Cum Jubilo KR-33
Sanctus IX Cum Jubilo KR-35
Sanctus IX Cum Jubilo LU-42
Sanctus IV Cunctipotens Genitor Deus LU-16
Alleluia Adorabo Dedication of a Church LU-1251
Sanctus III Deus Sempiterne KR-15
Alleluia Dicite ln Gentibus Easter Friday LU-801
Eduxit Eos Dominus Easter Friday LU-801
Erit Vobis Easter Friday LU-802
Alleluia Angelus Domini Easter Monday LU-786
Alleluia Haec Dies Easter Saturday LU-805
Benedictus Qui Venit Easter Saturday LU-806
Alleluia Confitemini Domino Easter Sunday LU-776
Jubilate Deo Easter Sunday LU-821
Resurrexi Easter Sunday LU-777
Terra Tremuit Easter Sunday LU-781
Victimae Paschali Easter Sunday LU-780
Vidi Aquam Easter Sunday LU-12
Alleluia Surrexit Dominus Easter Tuesday LU-790
Aqua Sapientiae Easter Tuesday LU-789
Portas Caeli Easter Wednesday LU-795
Venite Benedicti Easter Wednesday LU-792
Alleluia Vidimus Stellam Epiphany LU-950
Benedictus Dominus Epiphany LU-478
Jubilate Deo Epiphany LU-486
Omnes De Saba Epiphany LU-949
Reges Tharsis Epiphany LU-461
Christus Factus Est Good Friday LU-659
Trisagion Good Friday LU-737
Alleluia Vere Tu Es The Holy Family LU-472
Alleluia Laudate Pueri Dominum Holy Innocents LU-428
Amicus Meus Holy Thursday LU-643
Christus Factus Est Holy Thursday LU-659
Dextera Domini Holy Thursday LU-677
Domine Jesus Holy Thursday LU-679
Ecce Vidimus Eum Holy Thursday LU-637
Nos Autem Holy Thursday LU-667
Ubi Caritas Holy Thursday LU-675
Custodi Me Holy Week LU-614
Potum Meum Holy Week LU-624
Alleluia Tota Pulchra Es Immaculate Conception LU-1318
Gaudens Gaudebo Jesu-Christe-Requiem LU-1813
Agnus Dei XIV Agnus Dei XIV LU-56
Sanctus XIV Jesu Redemptor KR-50
Sanctus XIV Jesu Redemptor KR-50
Sanctus XIV Jesu Redemptor LU-55
Intellige Clamorem Meum Lent LU-549
Agnus Dei I Lux et Origo LU-18
Sanctus I Lux et Origo LU-18
Ave Maria Marian Hymn LU-1861
Ave Maris Stella Marian Hymn LU-1259
Alma Redemptoris Mater Marian Hymn, Simple LU-277
Alma Redemptoris Mater Marian Hymn, Solemn LU-273
Alma Redemptoris Mater Marian Hymn, Solemn Female Voices LU-273
Alma Redemptoris Mater Marian Hymn, Solemn Mixed Voices LU-273
Ave Regina Caelorum Marian Hymn, Simple LU-278
Ave Regina Caelorum Marian Hymn, Solemn LU-274
Regina Caeli Marian Hymn, Simple Tone LU-278
Salve Regina Marian Hymn, Simple Tone LU-279
Salve Regina Marian Hymn, Solemn Tone LU-276
In Diebus Illis Mary Magdalen LU-1566
Alleluia Multifarie Olim New Years Day LU-441
Asperges Me Ordinary LU-1192
Credo I Ordinary LU-60
Credo II Ordinary LU-66
Credo IV Ordinary LU-71
Credo V Ordinary LU-73
Credo VI Ordinary LU-75
Deus Deus Meus Palm Sunday LU-594
Hosanna Filio David Palm Sunday LU-580
Pueri Hebraeorum Palm Sunday LU-581
Alleluia De Profundis Pentecost LU-1076
Alleluia Emitte Spiritum Tuum Pentecost LU-879
Alleluia ln Exitu lsrael Pentecost LU-1068
Alleluia Veni Sancte Spiritus Pentecost LU-880
Cognovit Autem Pater Pentecost LU-1066
Da Pacem Domine Pentecost LU-1056
Spiritus Domini Pentecost LU-878
Veni Creator Spiritus Pentecost LU-885
Veni Sancte Spiritus Pentecost LU-880
Absolve Domine Requiem KR-95
Absolve Domine Requiem LU-1809
Agnus Dei Requiem LU-101
Dies Irae Requiem LU-1810
Kyrie Requiem LU-1807
Libera Me Domine Requiem LU-1767
In Paradisum Requiem LU-1768
ln Paradisum Requiem Female Voices LU-1768
Requiem Aeternam Requiem LU-1808
Sanctus Requiem KR-101
Commovisti Domine Sexagesima Sunday LU-507
Video Caelos Aspertos St Stephen LU-418
Adoro Te Devote St Thomas Aquinas LU-1855

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