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Photos: Robert Leigh († 1930-2020)

Robert LeighFrom the Past, 1944-1948

Graciously provided by Robert Leigh (see Bob's obituary). If you click on any of the pictures you will be taken to the actual-sized photograph. Use the browser's Back button or arrow to return to this page. A list of the Seniors, 1948 and the Class of 1944 can be found here.

These black and white photos have been colorized.

Class of 1943 Graduation, 1947 Jim Boyle, 1947

Who's Who?

Seniors, 1948
Albert Schwer, Barry Rankin, Leo Kobler, 1945 Class of 1944, 1949 Student Body, 1946
Class of 1944, 1948; Teachers & Brothers @ Normandy, 1948 Student Body, 1944
Fifth Year Students, 1947 Seniors, 1944, 1948 Reunion (ex-Normandy Students at MGC), ca. 1959
Bob Leigh, Paul Balog, Bro. Bernard,1949 Francis Cusack, 1949 'Working Over: L-R: Marvin Reinhold, Peter Sloan, Bob ?, Frank Benda,Raphael Domzal, Fr. Roche, Don Finn, 1949
Francis Cusack, 1949 Sebastian MacDonald, 1947 Ronald Thomas, 1947
David Bays, 1940 Leo Browning, 1940 Gerard (Donald) Steckel, 1947
Cyprian Towey's Latin School, Auxilium Latinum, 1948 Bro. David Williams, 1944
Faustinus Moran, 1948 Herbert Tillman,1945