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Passionist Catalog: Holy Cross Province, 1967

Click to enlargeIn 2004 I was handed a small booklet with a simple cover, Passionist Catalog - Holy Cross Province, 1967, a gray cover, slightly stained. I opened it to the first page to find a blank page with a handwritten note as seen in the image here.

There is no owner's name that I can find, nor do I have any idea of the provenance of this publication.

When one examines the contents it becomes clear that the owner was very interested in the past and present of the men whose names can be found inside. It has been deteriorating rapidly so I decided to scan the entire volume of close to 100 pages. That process resulted on a rather large PDF file (33 Mb) and you can download it here.

What I found most interesting is the care with which it was documented by the owner as the years passed. Marginal entries in both pencil and pen can be found on almost every page. The book is divided into 1) foundations with addresses at the time, 2) priests and clerics, 3) brothers, 4) deceased members, and 5), and indices by the professed name and by family name. Each name is given with the names of both parents (even the mother's maiden name), the dates of birth, profession, and ordination (where applicable), and, in some cases the death date of the individual.

What makes this such a wealth of information apart from the printed data, is the details given in the margins. A lot of the names have squiggly lines drawn through the entries to indicate, I assume, that that person had left the Order. To the right is an example of such a page. Click on it to enlarge it.

Below are six images of the Family Name Index which might help you navigate your way through this PDF catalog. These can also be clicked upon to enlarge them. The numbers following the names are not page numbers but order of profession.

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Page 86 (A-C)
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Page 87 (C-G)
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Page 88 (G-L)
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Page 89 (L-O)
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Page 90 (O-S)
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Page 91 (S-Z)