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Steve GeorgeLouisville Reunion, June 25-26, 2004

Many of us took photos during the reunion. Yup, I'm guilty. In fact, guilty to the tune of four pages of pictures! Below are the pictures I have provided.

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Friday Evening Arrival & Reacquaitance in 'The Barn'
Joe Kimmel, Scott Woodward
Joe Kimmel
Bob Yeargin
Ed Schmitt
John Hollon, Mike Belgeri
Dan Atkins, Paul Mrowczynski
Albert Schwer, Roland Kulla, Harry Watson, Tom Monohan
Rich Padilla, Terry McDivitt, Mike Owens
Roland Kulla
Harry Watson, Tom Monahan
Steve Thim, Rich Padilla, Mike Owens
Jim Bobula, Ron Glastetter
Paul & Barbara Mrowczynski, Dan Atkins
Steve Rose, Teresa Watson
Steve Rose, Mike Belgeri
Ed Schmitt, Blaise Czaja, Norb Federspiel
Sue Schulte, Roland Kulla
Paul & Barbara Mrowczynski
Claire Brennan, Scott Woodward, Bruce Brennan
Steve Thim
Louie Smith, Michael Joseph Stengel
Ron Glastetter, Norb Federspiel
Tom Mugavin, Nancy Hollon, Teresa Watson, John Hollon
Rich O'Malley, Albert Schwer, Harry Watson, Tom Monahan
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