InFormation (2021) Moments in Time 

MGC Bulletin

Prepare for Entry, Curriculum, and Ground Rules

This booklet was probably in the hands of all prospective students who had decided to enter the preparatory seminary at Mother of Good Counsel, entering as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors, the 1st- and 2nd-year college students. There is little left unsaid in it and it answers many of the questions that a boy may have as he makes such a monumental step. By clicking on the image to the left, you can download the bulletin.

The bulletin was also designed for parents as they prepared their sons to leave the nest. Click to enlargeThis 18-page booklet was designed to answer parents' questions about cost. as wellIt is assumed that this bulletin was printed circa 1960. The total costs show a parental investment of $80 per year. Today, 2021, that total cost would be $734.31 when accounting for inflation.

Click to enlarge These young men would proceed to Warrenton in September and remain there until a two-week Christmas break, roughly 100 days away from home. What does one pack for clothes? The bulletin has an answer as shown on the left.

Click to enlarge It was not an important question in the minds of these anxious boys, but every parent was asking, "What classes they will be taking?" That also has answer in the bulletin as seen on the right. (Click any of these images to enlarge.)