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The Passionist Orbit, Summer 1973, Volume 11, Number 3

Marketing the Order

This magazine was sent to parents and other interested parties over the course of many years. By the volume number, one might assume that this was the eleventh year it was produced. Where are there copies today? The quality of paper seems to suggest that most of them have disintegrated. This o ne was scanned in color and the yellowish background hints at that. Perhaps the Province has an archive of them.
I am including it for the many pictures of the men still in the Order in 1973. You can click on the image to download this PDF file (23 Mb).. Below this text are some of the pictures of those men, at least those that were decipherable.

Fr James Busch, C.P. Fr Luke Connolly, C.P. Bro John Gebauer, C.P. Click to enlarge
Fr Joel Gromowski, C.P. Fr Walter Kaelin, C.P. Fr Kyran O'Connor, C.P.
Fr Conleth Overman, C.P. Fr Donald Webber, C.P. Fr Robert Weiss, C.P.