InFormation (2021) Moments in Time 

A Mural in the Barn: An Introduction

A compilation of all six of the panels that comprise the mural

On or about 1966, the student monks of the Congregation of the Passion at Sacred Heart Retreat in Louisville, Kentucky (St. Agnes Parish) gutted the barn on the monastery property and converted it into a recreation/conference room.

Brother CharlieCharley Campbell, then a brother of the Order, painted a mural on the four walls and ceiling around a staircase ascending to the second floor.. This painting spanned four walls, each about eight feet wide. It contains the images of 85 people–members of the monastery at that time. Each person is depicted in caricature and associated with something that was significant/humorous in their particular life at that particular time.

Thirty-three years later, the barn underwent another renovation. Steve Rose and Richard O'Malley learned about that and set out to save the painting from oblivion. You will find photos of their effort on the following pages. (P.S., 2021: These now decorate Rich O'Malley's farmhouse near Bardstown, KY.)

We would like to make this web site one where you can come to see old friends, learn what's happened to them, and possibly re-establish relationships that have been long dormant. Some may have interpreted "old friends" as just classmates. That it not the intent. Most of us developed friendships far afield from Sacred Heart Monastery. They, too, I also include as part of our "formation years." Add yourselves to our memories!

There are more than 85 stories, 2,800 years of experience that we would like to capture for you and your progeny. As I receive this info, I will link the names to the People Page. If you have a memory to add about someone else, please do so.