InFormation (2021) Moments in Time 

Thoughts...John Hollon († 1942-2020)

Passionist Reunion, July 23-25, 2004

John HollonComing back to–being at the Louisville monastery–was like being 2 ways in age, in time, and in presence. Who are all these old guys, here-now? Looking into the eyes and hearing the voices of each old friend was like seeing and hearing each when we were twenty-something together; still surrounded by the forces of change moving through America, the Church, the Congregation, the Province. Yet still surrounded by what we've attempted, lost, achieved, found, and held onto for the int.ervening ears.

What a pleasure and a joy!

Deep regret that many old friends were not able to attend; that there was not enough time to really talk with each old friend who was here-now.

Amazement at the strength of the Passionist influence and commitment still in our lives.

I was reminded again and again how special we had been to each other; when we agreed, whenwe disagreed, when we had just tolerated each other.

Click to enlarge I discovered face-to-face again that we had been, and are now, an exceptionally competent collection of talents and abilities. Let's get together again—not to finish the business we have with each other but to continue with it.

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