InFormation (2021) Moments in Time 

Moments in Time: Some Borrowed, Some Not

The history of the Passionist Order in America is long, dating to the mid-19th century (1852). For context, Italian missionaries were coming to America just as Darwin had published Origin of Species, the nation was polarized by the issues of slavery, and the Civil War was still nine years in the future.

All of this history is documented in the Passionist Historical Archives. I have no intention of replicating the archivists' excellent work found here, especially the work of Fr. Rob Carbonneau, C.P., although I have flagrantly stolen material from this site. I appreciate their forbearance.

I intend to find bits of history à propos the Order and, more specifically, on the timeframe, 1950-1970. Searching, I have discovered over 200 references (many more if you count the obituaries) using just the keyword Passionist. cites 56,827 articles when searched with just passionist as the keyword from 1850-2020. As time permits, I will upload images of these clippings and add my two cents.

An Index
  • 1852-1952: 100 Years in America, Many Moments!
  • 1876: Miracles by Relics. Are You Sure?
  • 1906: Where It All Began for Holy Cross Province
  • 1954: A Clatter Board? What the devil is that? Oh...

  • 1954: MGC Warrenton, 400 Acres, 2-3 Years to Build on Booneslick Road
  • 1956: 2 Years Later, MGC Normandy Closes, MGC Warrenton Opens
  • 1960: A Year of Moments, Scholastic Calendar, 1960-1961
  • 1963: Fr Peter, Fulbright Scholar? Who Knew?
  • 1963: Fr Owen, Our Intrepid MGC Reporter, Attending to Our Brothers
  • 1963: What Happens in the Summers at MGC?
  • 1965: Fr Owen Reporting Again! MGC Graduation
  • 1966: Finally! Some Names of Classmates
  • 1966: And Even More Classmates!
  • 1966: News, Sports, & Classmates
  • 1969: An Era Ends, The Prep Closes
  • 1975: Another Era Begins, The Prep is Sold

  • 1964: Ordained: Basham, Curran, Kohne, Ormechea, Schrodt, and Weiss
  • 1965-1969: Theologians On a Trek
  • 1967: What Ever Happened to Gil Pries?
  • 1965: Registration Week and Beanies at Bellarmine
  • 1968: St. Meinrad, Indiana to CTU, Chicago
  • 1968: Did Anyone See This Coming?
  • 1968: Let's All Bask in Reflected Glory!
  • 1969: Ordained: Buschmohle, Newbold, and Thomson
  • 1970: Tom Mugavin, Rhodes Scholar? Really?
  • 1970: John Filiatreau, Star Reporter!