InFormation (2021) Moments in Time 

Moments: Ordained: Basham, Curran, Kohne, Ormechea, Schrodt,Weiss

Louisville Courier-Journal, May 17, 1964

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Click to enlarge.While my class was preparing to enter the novitiate in St. Paul, Kansas, six professed Passionists were about to be ordained in Louisville. Fathers Kenneth O’Malley, Alphonse Engler, Timothy Joseph O’Connor, Justin Paul Bartoszek, Blaise Czaja, were ordained in Louisville by Most Rev. Charles G Maloney, auxiliary bishop of the Louisville diocese on May 23, 1964.

Those of us who attended Prep Week during the summers in Warrenton remembered them as Fraters, a salutation that took a little getting used to. Their whole purpose during that week was to introduce us to the Passionist life with a great deal of liturgy, prayer, and play. They wore us out so any shenanigans at bedtime were out of the question! I recall the warmth, happiness, and dedication of these men who likely converted many of us who were on the fence about entering the Prep seminary and putting aside our attachments to the world from which we came.

Below you will find pictures and short bios of the 6 Passionists ordained in Louisville in 1964. These images were taken from The Passionist Orbit, Summer 1965, Volume 3, Number 1.