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Moments: Where It All Began for Holy Cross Province

St. Louis Globe-Democrat, 27 Jul and 29 Aug 1906

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Click to enlarge.More than 115 years ago there was a meeting in Louisville, Kentucky of the powers that be in the U.S. Passionist family. They gathered to discuss dividing the single entity, St. Paul of the Cross Province, into two autonomous provinces.

Orville and Wilbur Wright had just flown their airplane in 1903. The fastest transcontinental auto trip took 24 days. But, the U.S. had developed over 350,000 miles of rail. One can safely assume that the good fathers traveled to Louisville by train coming from far-flung cities like Baltimore, Dunkirk, Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, and even St. Paul, Kansas.

Click to enlarge.Within a month, the meeting settled on a demarcation line to be all states west of and including Ohio. If I have calculated accurately, the 1900 Census divides the population of the two new provinces into roughly 34 million and 42 million, east (St. Paul of the Cross Province) and west (Holy Cross Province), respectively.

Why was this information coming from the St. Louis newspaper? Because St. Louis was to become the epicenter of Holy Cross Province, later moved to the Chicago Retreat (Immaculate Conception) as the provincial house.