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Moments: Let's All Bask in Reflected Glory!

The Louisville Courier Journal, May 16, 1968

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Click to enlarge I have often wondered if there are data that show the average GPA of Bellarmine College from 1964 onwards. That timeframe marks the appearance on campus of us Passionist seminarians. I did not contribute to any spike in that value but some of you did, notably Larry Goodwin and Jim Bobula. This is just one of many articles that touted their success. Imagine, four years of all A's! A GPA of 4.000!

James went on to eventually become Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, and Larry to President of the College of St Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota.

Those of us who were their monkmates knew them, not only as hard workers, but as outgoing and considerate fellow monks who always had time for conversation or, if the situation warranted, a can of beer and a mischievous prank or two.

Why, you say, should all of us bask in their glory? Because we all shared the rigors of monastic life, a radically changing world, but, most importantly that can of beer and that mischievous prank or two.

To you both, I smile and wish you well.