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Moments: John Filiatreau, Star Reporter!

The Louisville Courier-Journal, August 24, 1969

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Click to enlarge. This is an article that John wrote for the Courier-Journal. He was reviewing a book on St. Augustine. I would suggfest you read it. What jumps out is John's honest and forthright treatment of the author's work as well as his intelligent understanding of the topic.

It may not be John's thought, but I see this as a manifestion of the education he received from his Passionist and Bellarmine professors. These men taught all of us the value of honesty and critical thinking. The education they imparted was second to none, especially that of Fr. Barnabas Ahern, Biblical Consultant to Pope Paul VI.

Father Barnabas came up through the cloistered education of the Passionist monasteries. He was a humble but passionate man in his field and he left all of us seeking those characteristics. That is evident in John's writing as he takes esoteric concepts and brings them to a level that most of us can understand.

Click to enlargeJohn was not just a reviewer of books on erudite subjects like Augustine. He could write! Take a look at this heart-warming story by John about Isaac the Crow and Eric Ghost.

John Filiatreau 1950-2019John had his own column in the Courier-Journal and was writing as late as 2013. He passed away of a heart attack on May 6, 2019. You can find his obituary by clicking here.