InFormation (2021) Moments in Time 

Moments: What Happens in the Summers at MGC?

Warrenton Banner, September 5, 1963

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Click to enlarge. The lede on this article gives the impression that we are going to hear about the successful enrollment of high students in 1963, 191 up from 173 in 1962. That was the substance of the first two paragraphs and it brought back my memories of that time.

I was a junior in high school that year and we were met with exciting news: in 1964: We seniors-to-be would be moving into what was previously called the College Section.

No more dormitories! A recognition of our esteemed senior status AND graduation would see us going off to St. Paul, Kansas for the novitiate. Before this, the novitiate was not an option until we completed two more years at MGC.

We would also wear our pseudo-Passionist habits with their small signs over the breast. Lower classes only wore that uniform during chapel activities. We were not cynical enough to be condescending to our lower-class brethren but they knew and we knew. We had our own pool table! Fr. Michael Joseph Stengel, C.P. would assume the role of Director of Students.

That was the first paragraph written by Fr. Owen. The heart of the article dwelt upon the summer activities of the men who instructed us during the school year. All of them took that time to become students themselves. Read the article and names will pop out.

On a personal note, almost 60 years later, I have a wonderful recurring dream of walking the corridor outside of our rooms, each one a private cell, contemplating the unknown with a sense of wonder.