InFormation (2021) Moments in Time 

Moments: A Year of Moments

MGC Scholastic Calendar, 1960-1961

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Click to enlarge. Jack Dermody has preserved for us the calendar for the school year, 1960 to 1961. No curriculum is shown but the major events of that year show that Jack was not all work and no play.

You will note the underlined words, No Classes, and, Whole Day. These exceptions are described at the bottom of this document.

No Classes meant that liturgical observances would occur, e.g., morning Mass, late afternoon Vespers, and evening Compline. So there was no really good time to plan a day of recreation. Assignments would weigh heavily and, perhaps, a good deal of the time was spent in the Study Hall.

It was the notification of Whole Day that meant students looked forward to it. Except for morning Mass, the day was free. Swimming, handball, hiking, various sports, and perhaps some practical jokes occupied the minds and bodies of these boys. It should be pointed out that the Angelus interrupted these activities but only for a few minutes at noon. (Compline, also, would be on the agenda.) Then back at it.

The Fall term would end with everybody going home to family and friends, leaving behind the rigors of observance and study for 18 whole days. Parents, friends, and the Christmas holiday (or, should I say, Holyday) allowed these boys to boast of their accomplishments and dwell with introspection on the course they had, so far, traversed. Adding travel days, it was not a lot of time off. Some may have decided against a return.

Final exams brought an end to the school year and another exodus from MGC, this time for two and one-half months. It was during that time that decisions were made to continue or not. It was that time that each boy assessed his needs and wants in an environment apart from MGC. Whether you be presumptive college level, senior, junior, or sophomore, that two and one-half months addressed questions about one's future and some opted out. Others relished the return to MGC in September, excited to face the next scholastic calendar.