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Paul Bechtold

Date Listed: 7/1/2005

Fr. Paul Bechtold, C.P. († 1915–2005)

"Rev. Paul Ignatius Bechtold, C.P., age 90, died Feb. 23 at Immaculate Conception Monastery in Chicago. He was a founding member and first president of the Catholic Theological Union (CTU) in Chicago, and a member of the Congregation of the Passion for 72 years. He is author of ''Catholic Theological Union at Chicago: The Founding Years 1965-1975. In the 1960's, he was active with the Christian Family Movement (CFM) in Chicago and helped to found the Chicago Cluster of Theological Schools." Read more...

Mike Belgeri

Date Listed: 7/21/03

Mike Belgeri

1227 Fairlake Trace #711

Westin, FL 33326

(954) 465-6069

Bellarmine, USMC

Too many... Now self employed techie working with doctors.

Wife Mary Divine died of cancer in 1996. 2nd Wife, Lisa, died of boredom (since I had moved to Florida) and we divorced in 2001, after just 17 months. Son now 32--god! we are getting old--lives in Boston.

It's a little warm here right now, but in the Winter my cell is your cell...

Who's idea was it to line up the beer bottles from one end of the trailer to the other? And, what ever became of the Dentinger daughters?


Date Listed: 2/22/12

Larry Bennett (1966-1968)

622 Hewitt Ave.

Bremerton, WA 98337

(360) 535-4235

Graduated in 1968 from Mother of Good Counsel Seminary in Warrenton, Missouri. Went on to novitiate in Detroit. Left the novitiate in 1968, went to college at Southeast Missouri State University for 2 years

Joined the Submarine Service for 24 years. Retired as Master Chief Missle Technician. Presently working as the building supervisor for Our Lady Star of the Sea Church in Bremerton, Wa. for the last 16 years.

Married my college sweetheart I met at the Newman Center. We've been married over 40 years and have 10 wonderful children and 10 grand children.

I struggled with Latin for years, but my classmates would not let me fail. They turtored me day and night so that I would pass. Joseph Moon, Randy Dickherber, Christopher Abeta, Mike Kruger, just to mention a few, were wonderful people that brought joy, laughter, and a good prayer life into my life. Over the years through hardship, pain, and difficulty, they were there in my thoughts helping me, guiding me, keeping me on track with God. I will always remember them for their friendship and kindness.

Fr. Peter Berendt, C.P.

Date Listed: 6/6/2011

Fr. Peter Berendt, C.P. († 1929- 2020)

430 Bunker Hill Rd.

Houston, TX 77024

"Detroit native and Passionist priest, Fr. Peter Berendt, CP, passed peacefully to the Lord on the morning of September 9th, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Fr. Peter was 91 years old and had been a Roman Catholic priest since his ordination on May 25th, 1957. During his many years as a priest he served as a seminary teacher, director of retreat centers in Sacramento, St. Louis, and Houston, as well as a preacher of conferences and retreats throughout many parts of the United States. In addition, Fr. Peter served as director of vocations and novice director for the Passionist Community, as well as an associate pastor of Immaculate Conception parish in Chicago. His final years were spent as a senior priest at St. Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat Center." Read more...

Jim Bobula

Date Listed: 7/26/2021)

Jim Bobula

5405 N Rosemary Drive

Appleton, WI 54913-7874

M: (608) 770-1914

Ohio State, M.A., Ph.D. in Speech Communication (emphasis on social research methods)

Univ. of Illinois-Medical Center (Chicago); Duke Univ.; Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Married Suzanne Colleen Barry (1974, died breast cancer 2001); Holly Anne (1977), B.A.-Music (UW-Madison), M.A.-Music pending (Wichita State); Melissa Marie (1980), Financial services; Jennifer Shannon (1985), Marquette-Broadcasting; Jeffrey Andrew (1985), Madison Media Institute-Audio engineering

Arizona heat got to me so I moved back to Wisconsin with family. It’s so green and the air is fresh!
Career supporting educational and research projects in medical schools, primarily Family Medicine. Consulting work developing specialized microcomputer databases.

Many long hours in the print shop! (Press noise contributed to significant hearing loss--What did you say?) Also took lots of pictures that I hope to digitize for sharing in the future.

Paul Boward

Date Listed: 1/13/2011

Paul Boward


Paul M Boyle

Date Listed: 1/13/2011

Fr. Paul M. Boyle, C.P. † (1926-2006)

"Bishop Paul M Boyle, C.P., was born in Detroit on May 28, 1926, the oldest of three children. His father was an Irish Police Officer until about 1935. He received a disability retirement for an injury received in the line of duty. Then he went to work at Ford Motor Company. His mother was a devout person, hard working and cheerful. She had been a school teacher before marriage. She loved to play practical jokes and tell stories. His brother James Martin is two years younger than Paul and his sister, Mary Camilla, was born in 1933." Read more...

Bruce Brennan
Clare Brennan

Date Listed: 8/3/03

Bruce Brennan

1602 Westminster Trail

Roanoke, TX 76262

(817) 296-7504

Columbia College, M.A. Motion Picture Production, Northwestern, MBA

Worked in healthcare for almost 30 years and now work my own businesses

Spouse, Claire, married 32 years, three sons, Matt, Kevin, Tim

We lived in Chicago for 17 years then came to Texas in 1985, bought a big hat but have no cattle!

That Goodwin, Hollon, and whoever else was on the debate team never did Saturday work detail (ComFoBJa III). Therefore they probably should pay some disproportionate share of the costs of this get-together since the rest of us did a lot of sweat equity for them!

Pat Brennan

Date Listed: 7/1/03

Fr. Pat Brennan, C.P.

Bellarmine University (big university now!), Catholic Theological Union, Cal State Los Angeles, Gregorian University, Rome

Just that I am better than ever and grateful to God for all that has brought me to this day.

Would never put it all in print!

William Browning

Fr. William Browning, C.P. († 1921-2005)

Born: June 12, 1921 in Calvary Kentucky

Parents: Joseph Leo Browning and Mary Agnes Abell

Professed: July 17, 1942

Ordained: June 11, 1949

Died: December 20, 2005

Phil Bujnowski Nancy Bujnowski

Date Listed: 7/19/04

Philip Bujnowski

1328 W Glenlake

Chicago, IL 60660

(773) 743-4073

Michael Burns † (Iowa)

Date Listed: 1/27/2011

Michael Burns † (Iowa)

Dennis Michael Burns

Date Listed: 1/27/2011

Michael Burns

1092 Highlands Dr

Birmingham, AL 35244

(205) 985-4838

B.S. in Business Administration from University of Alabama in Birmngham, 1972.

Worked as Locomotive Engineer for CSX Transportation for 35 years. Served as Secretary-Treasurer for Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen for 18 years. Currently work as part-time Accounting Assistant for local Catholic school.

Married to Rose Rietta since 10/23/71. We have 3 grown children (2 boys, 1 girl) - no grandkids as yet.

A few of the best memories of this time. Holy week especially in Novitiate. Getting to know many fine Passionists.