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Sebastian McDonald

Fr. Sebastian McDonald, C.P, († 1930–2021 )

"Fr. Sebastian (Donald Killoran) MacDonald, C.P., 90, died peacefully in his sleep at Nazareth Home on New Year’s Day, 2021.

Born in Detroit, MI on May 21, 1930, his early years included time in Louisville, KY and Chicago, IL before he entered the Passionist Prep Seminary in 1944. He professed religious vows as a Passionist in 1951 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1958." Read more...

Daniel Malain

Date Listed: 7/29/03 (1/15/2011)

Fr. Dan Malain

130 Hardy Ave.

Nederland, TX 77627

(409) 722-3413

So. Baptist Seminary, Louisville, Ky., Th.M.; U. St. Thomas, MRE; Theol. Foundation, D. Min.

St. Mary Seminary, Houston,TX; St. Charles Church, Nederland, TX; Joined Diocese of Beaumont, 1985

Happy to hear the group will be getting together, and hope I can make it!

I've probably tried to forget the painful times, and remember the people!

Charlie Mattingly

Date Listed: 7/29/03 (1/15/2011)

Charlie Mattingly

325 S. Peterson Ave, Unit 101

Louisville, KY 40206

(502) 553-7727

I bet I was the only CP who flunked a course at Bellarmine--French. Had to take an American History course at Ursuline College on Lexington Road while everyone else went off to Warrenton for the summer--got to drive the car though--took some side trips. I would never have graduated if it had not been for Jim Bobula. Jim, I did go back to school ten years later.

Been working for the same health care company for the past twenty-three years--at thirty-five years of age, they offered me $13,000 and I couldn't refuse. Have worked hard over the years and rewards accelerated.

I'm still working at it.

Remember the Pieper posters on an easel as you descended the winding staircase from the chapel on the way to the refectory the night before a fierce Bellarmine intramural football game--the fierce part John Swalina and Steve George and all those who fought so valiantly would know about. The posters were caricatures of our rivals and ourselves--a moment of lightheartedness before a display of prowess.

Bruce Brennan never liked me very much anyway, but the day concrete trucks rolled in to pour the floor in the barn, standing knee deep in concrete, he came close to hitting me up the side of the head with a shovel—it was something about the concrete being too dry or too wet. The barn may fall some day, but that floor will remain forever.

Who helped one summer day Phil Blount and I painted all the green benches in the courtyard bright colors--one of those fleeting moments when I thought I had gone too far. Fr. Frank got upset–as he was duty bound–but allowed life to go on.

Terry McDivitt

Date Listed: 1/15/2011

Terry McDivitt

4305 Winward Pl

Louisville KY 40207

William McKenzie

Date Listed: 7/7/03 (1/15/2011)

Bill McKenzie

2094 N. Berwick Drive

Myrtle Beach, SC 29575

(843) 293-7551

Bellarmine College BA Liberal Arts 1974, Eastern Kentucky University MS Recreation Administration 1975, University of Georgia - worked on EDD, but did not do dissertation.

Bellarmine College, first women's basketball coach, Kiawah Island, Recreation Director; Bellarmine College, Coordinator of Athletic Fund Raising; Van der Meer Tennis Center (Hilton Head Island), Idaho High School Activities Assn. Foundation Director (raised money); Smokey Mountain Tennis School (Asheville, NC), Litchfield Golf and Tennis Resort, City of Myrtle Beach, Special Events Director; Ocean Lakes Campground, Recreation Supervisor.

Married Diane Moskow in 1980.

Have been performing as stage magician for 30 years, caddied on the Ladies Professional Golf Tour (including 2 Years for Joanne Carner and was with her when she won US Open in 1976), currently do corporate team building using games that I invented, speak professionally at conferences, and have written a couple of books.

If my memory serves me right, we had a lot of really great guys in our in our group and probability suggests that some of you would go on to do great things. I really hope to see all of you in Louisville in 2004.

Eric Meyer

Date Listed: 2/10/2011

Fr. Eric Meyer, C.P.

Immaculate Conception Parish

7211 Talcott Avenue

Chicago, IL 60631

Roger Mercurio

Date Listed: 7/7/2021

Fr Roger Mercurio C.P. († 1918-2001)

"Born John Valentine Mercurio on February 14, 1918 in St. Louis, Missouri, he was the son of Peter Mercurio and Cecilia Stroehle. He went to school at Cathedral Latin in 1931 and then went on to St. Louis Prep. His father had a subscription to Sign Magazine and young John was attracted to the stories of the China missions. When a friend enrolled at the Passionist seminary, he went to visit him and this eventually led him to decide to study there in August 1936. In June 1937 he went to St. Paul, Kansas for novitiate and professed his vows on July 17, 1938. From 1938 until 1941 he was assigned to Detroit, Michigan where he had the opportunity to study Italian." Read More...
"Reverend Roger Mercurio, C.P., a member of the Passionist Community, passed away April 3, 2001. From 1968-2001, Father served as Province Director of Foreign Missions, Pastor of Immaculate Conception Church, Harlem and Talcott Avenues, Chicago, Provincial Superior of Holy Cross Passionist Western Province and Province Archivist. Father Mercurio is survived by a sister, Mrs. Kay Monahan of St. Louis; and many nieces and nephews." Read more...

Carl Middleton

Date Listed: 1/16/2011

Carl Middleton

1451 Washburn Street

Erie, CO 80516

(720) 542-3708

Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY, BA in Sociology 1968;University of Detroit, Detroit, MI./MA in Ethics 1971; SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary, Orchard Lake, MI./ M. Div. and MRE 1977; United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH, Doctor of Ministry, 1978. Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, AL. Doctorate in Naturopathy 2001.

Associate Professor of Theology, Director of Field Education at SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary 1973-1978; V.P. for Human and Educational Services at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Pontiac, MI. 1978-1984; Director of Mission and Ministry for Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word Health System, Houston, TX. 1984-1986; Vice President of Ethics and Organizational Development for Catholic Health Corporation, Omaha, NE.,1986-1991; Vice President of Ethics and Leadership Development for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Health System, Louisville, KY., 1991-1999; Vice President of Theology and Ethics, Catholic Health Initiatives, Denver CO. 1999 to present. CHI( has 125 Catholic health facilities located throughout the US.

Married Vicki Jones from St. Louis area. We have two children. Tony, our son, is a music technologist in Birmingham, AL and our daughter Meredith is 22 and a Fine Arts major and senior at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

I am fortunate that after leaving the Passionists I was able to spend my life in some form of church-related ministry. This September, I will celebrate 30 years as an ethicist. I am very much interested in a reunion.

I am very proud of my formative years in the Passionists--great memories and a tremendous blessing. My class (1965-1968) had great fun and got great reactions from the other Bellarmine students when we told them we were going to the monastery for noon-time Sext. They didn't always hear the (t) and were more than eager to join us.


Date Listed: 1/15/2011

Tom Monahan

6342 N. Nokomis

Chicago, IL 60646

(773) 775-1956

Bellarmine 66-67. Transferred to DePaul University (Chicago), January 68. B.A. Political Science 1970.

City of Chicago, Civil Service Commission (Dept. of Personnel) 1970-1973. In November of 1973 I was selected for a position in the federal government at the General Services Administration (Chicago) Personnel Department. Worked for GSA until 1977 when I received a promotion to the Chicago District personnel office of the Internal Revenue Service. I stayed with IRS for 26+ years, and was lucky to have had progressively more responsible personnel and training positions in the local, regional and national offices of the IRS without ever having to move out of Chicago.

While working for the City of Chicago I met, dated and eventually married Elizabeth Haney. I'm sure Beth wonders why she ever agreed to marry me but we've had a great time together. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in June of 2004. We have no children.

I first stumbled on this web site when John Hollon tracked me down about two months before the reunion in Louisville. I was excited...and apprehensive about the reunion. Now the reunion has taken place and I have no idea why I was apprehensive. I had a fabulous time renewing old friendships and meeting new people, and my wife really enjoyed meeting everyone. The gang who planned the reunion did a great job. everything about the weekend was wonderful. Thank you so much.

John Monzyk

Date Listed: 7/16/03 (1/15/2011)

Bro. John Monzyk, C.P.

1924 Newburg Road

Louisville, KY 40205

B.A., Bellarmine-Ursuline, M.A., Catholic Theological Union, M.S., and Ph.D., Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Holy Family High School, Birmingham, Med-Prep program SIU Carbondale, Washington U., St. Louis, Christian Brothers University, Memphis.

My closest friends remain folks I met while at Bellarmine.

Great website. I'm happy the painting is safe.

Late-night coffee in the Blue Room

Paul Mrowczynski

Date Listed: 7/4/03

Paul Mrowczynski

P. O. Box 204

Meadow Valley, CA 95956

(530) 283-2099

Bellarmine College, B.A. Psychology; Indiana University Southeast, A. A. Nursing; Assorted Universities -Alaska, Montana, New Mexico--courses in vocational Education.

6 Hospitals in as many states, Intensive Care Nurse 1973-1983; Plumas County Office of Education. Director of Vocational Education, Grants & Technology 1983-2003

Married 23 years to Barbara; Son -21, Steffen, just finished Culinary Academy; Daughter- 19, Alia, in Massage Therapy school; Mother- 90, Helen, lives with us.

Workaholic with a patient and wonderful wife; Love the mountains & simple life; Hobbies- gardening, bicycling, back country skiing.

High school seminary was incubation; Novitiate (Detroit) & the 18 months with the monastic family in Louisville was my "awakening". It was 1 of 3 great turning points in my life along with my marriage & the birth of my children.

Steve Mudd

Date Listed: 1/7/2010

Steve Mudd, C.P († 1948-1990)

"Born on December 9, 1948 in Louisville, Kentucky he professed his Passionist vows on July 8, 1968 and was ordained on June 4, 1976. After ordination he was manager of the Passionist provincial office of Holy Cross Province. After that he spent the next six years in vocation ministry in Chicago, Illinois and Sierra Madre, California. He completed that assignment as Executive Director of the National Conference of Religious Vocation Directors ofMen (NCRVDM)." Read more...

Find-A-Grave Memorial(#48046339) on the Internet

Thomas Mugavin

Date Listed: 7/29/03

Tom Mugavin

9808 Springbark Dr

Louisville, KY 40241

(502) 423-7104

Bellarmine College B.A., 1971; Xavier University M.S. Corrections

Kentucky Dept Of Corrections. 4 different prisons.. presently Deputy Warden Ky. State Reformatory, 1850 inmates.

Married 1975 to Mary Jo Oechslin (Bellarmine graduate in Accounting--did not know at Bellarmine). Matthew Mugavin, b. 1978, Claire Mugavin, b. 1980, Mark Mugavin, b. 1985. Oldest, Matt, has BA and MBA from Bellarmine. Daughter Claire went to XU and is completing a year of vol. service with the Jesuit Vol Corp. in McAllen TX...speaks fluent Spanish; lived in Nicaragua a semester while at XU. Youngest, Trinity, and will attend Univ. of Dayton (Catholic) in a few weeks.

It's hard to believe it's almost 35 yrs ago!! Been in prison almost 32 yrs [editor's note: NOT as a convict!]... have enjoyed family life... have coached soccer for 20 yrs. and ref'd for about 12 yrs... even been doing some college games... will most likely retire before the year is out... I stay in contact with Ed Schmidt and Tim Burke from prep days.

Like most of the frustrated, hyped up, seminarians--I take great pride in the not only undefeated flag football season but also unscored upon...

Date Listed: 7/8/03

Jim and Susan Mueller

751 Beechwood Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45232

(513) 542-2576

Jim has his masters in social work, is partially retired, works 3 days a week for a local EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and teaches one half day a week at Xavier University. Susan is still an RN with an added degree in adult education (bachelor's) and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who teaches and counsels breast-feeding moms and dads.

Jim - St. Joseph Orphanage for many years as treatment director, now Trihealth --- Susan CEA and Trihealth.

We've been married for 32 years. Our three children are grown-none married. Jen, the oldest, lives with her partner, Michael, who is a psychologist. Jen is a yoga teacher in private practice. Middle son Brian graduated XU in communications, wrote a book of poetry, and is in general, exploring the worlds of working for established businesses here and in Georgia, and self-employed computer services here and in Texas, as he tries to find a life partner and figure out the universe. Peter, the youngest, after ten years as a professional ballet dancer, is working at Starbucks and going to the art academy. All are in Cincinnati, at present.

Mary Huhn and Susan (I) just returned from visiting with Raph and Mary B. in Naples, FL. We stayed in Marsha's house in Naples, which she constantly loans out to all her friends. Jim attended a reunion of several ex-Passionists in Hawaii a few years ago. It was held at Pat O'Malley's. If you want to catch up on some of the "older men" of the order, e.g. Gus,Hugh, Mel Spehn, Marty Thommes, Joe Connolly, Kevin, etc.

Here's Tom Auciello's website: He married Carol Pucci, also from the monastery crowd, and they live in Seattle. Mary just saw David Huston at a party at Barb (Kessen) and Van Sondgerath's. David lives in Knoxville, TN. Lucy Leuthold is now called Brunner; they have 3 grown daughters. We are godparents to the oldest, Angela. The Brunners are in Cinci. We hear from Larry and MaryAnn Grauvogel at Christmas every year. They live in Indiana.

The time you speak of was a magic watershed for all of us—life-changing, opening our spiritual lives to new possibilities as the RC Church changed with so much promise. It will take generations for the promises to be realized.