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Robert Schmitt

Date Listed: 5/30/99

Bro. Bob Schmitt, C.P. † (1945-2004)

Graduate of many prestigious Drivers Education Schools.

Passionist Congregation's Administrator of their Health Care program based in Chicago for the past 28 years.

Bob died in Chicago on March 25, 2004 at age 59.

Bob Schmitt's involvement in Daneo Hall.

Dennis Schneider

Date Listed: 4/25/2021

Dennis R. Schneider († 1946-2021)

"Schneider, Dennis R., fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church on Sunday, April 11, 2021.
Beloved husband of Janice Schneider for 51 years. Proud father of Tim (Vickie) and Gabe (Stacy) Schneider. Cherished Grandpa of Taylor, Kaleb, Reilly, Lilly and Ethan. Dearest great-grandfather of Parker and Lincoln. Dear brother of Ursula Beardslee and Joyce Nelson.
Preceded in death by Robert and Genevieve Schneider. Our dear uncle, great-uncle, cousin, brother-in-law, friend and beloved “Jokester” to everyone! He will be missed by all." Read more...

Edward Schmitt

Date Listed: 8/11/03

Ed Schmitt

77 Morgan St.

Melrose, MA 02176

(781) 662-4411

Bellarmine-Psychology/Philosophy U of Louisville, MSW

Ky. State Probation and Parole Officer 3 yrs; Foster care-Southern Ind. l yr; Mass. Defenders Committee-Boston 2 yrs; DARE Mentor-Boston 1 yr; 1984-present Schmitt Woodworking LLC, home remodeling

Married fellow social worker from grad school and moved to Boston-divorced after 1 1/2 yrs. Married another social worker in 1982 and happily settled in small suburb of Boston with two wonderful teenage children and a very cute puppy.

I 'd say that it took me a long time to grow up and find myself. I feel like I'm just now peaking in my personal maturity. Still have that little craving to save the world.

Still fond memories of the community we formed. Never matched in my life so far.

John Schork

Date Listed: 7/06/04 (1/15/2011)

Fr. John Schork, C.P.

1924 Newburg Rd

Louisville, KY 40205

(502) 451-2330

Bellarmine, 1972--B. A., Humanities; Catholic Theological Union, 1976, M. Div.; some week-long summer courses at Notre Dame for retreat ministers

27+ years in our Passionist Retreat Centers, in Sacramento/St. Louis/Houston/Sierra Madre.

I'm still building upon the "foundation" from the Louisville days, lots of good memories that carry me forward.

Working in the print shop with Jim Bobula, Jim Ryan, Mike Owens, Harry Watson, etc. got "ink" in my blood which continues today... I also continue to "barber" the local community, though "the hairs of our heads are numbered"... The occasional golf at Bellarmine's par 3 has blossomed into full-course golf, with a current handicap of 17!

John Schork

Date Listed: 7/5/2021

Fr. Albert Schwer, C.P. (†1927–2014)

"Father Albert Schwer, C.P., age 86, died May 8th at Nazareth Home, Louisville, KY. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, he professed his Passionist Vows in 1948, and was ordained priest in 1955. He is survived by his Passionist Community; his sisters Sr. Rosemary Schwer, S.C.C. and Sr. Marianne Schwer, S.C.C. of Wilmette Illinois; his sister Mrs. Agnes Svec of St. Louis; and numerous other relatives. As a Passionist and priest, Fr. Albert generously served God as a seminary professor, pastor, retreat center staff member, a member of local leadership teams, and an itinerant preacher." Read more...

Lee Schroerlucke

Date Listed: 8/6/04

Lee Schroerlucke

115 West Walnut Street

Leitchfield, KY 42754

(270) 259-3869

I am the pastor at Leitchfield Christian Church and live in the parsonage next door. We've been in Leitchfield since the spring of 2001. Prior to that 5 years in Dodge City, KS; two years in Johnson City, TN, then Louisville prior to that.

My wife, Betsy, and I will celebrate our 15th anniversary this year in December.

Paul Schulte Sue Curl Schulte

Date Listed: 6/27/03 (1/15/2011)

Paul Schulte

4523 Lincoln Road

Louisville, KY 40220

(502) 456-2128

Bellarmine College, B.A. Graduate studies at Catholic Theological Union, University of Louisville.

University of Louisville, Urban Studies Center 1972-1982.I started as a research assistant and over the years learned survey research methodology under some very bright people. In 1978 I became Director of Public Opinion Research. In 1982 I left the University to start Horizon Research International, a market research firm now in its 23rd year of operation. I serve as President.

Married Sue Curl a 1970 graduate of Bellarmine College. We married in April of 1974. We have two children, Matthew, 26 and Michael 22.

Ironic that we called that time formation--because the experience and the people certainly helped to form me in a number of significant ways. I reconnected with the Passionist Community about six years ago and have served on a few of their lay boards. They are taking some exciting and innovative steps that could well be the model for religious communities of the future. I have enjoyed it.

So many things to remember. Our graduation picture, used on our invitation (on the Sundance Kid motif) was particularly memorable. If I can find it I will post it.

Mike Schweizer

Date Listed: 12/18/2012

Michael A. Schweizer († 1951-2019)

University of MO-St Louis. BS in Business with an emphasis in Management and Organizational Behvavior.

I've worked as a Manager/Director or VP of Human Resources for 30 years now, 38 if you count the Navy.

My lovely wife Kate has tolerated me for 11 years now. I have 2 children, 2 stepdaughters and 3 grandchildren. Devon is 5, Darren is 3 and Emma Grace is 1. I love them all dearly!

So many warm and fond memoriees of my 4 years in Warrenton...I could write a book. Many friends still stay in touch.

"FEBRUARY 6, 1951 – APRIL 25, 2019 Michael A. Schweizer, DeLand, FL, age 68 passed away on April 25, 2019. He is survived by his wife of 18 years, Katherine; son, Michael (Jessica Andersen) Schweizer Jr; daughter, Lisa (Joseph) Bentivenga; father, Marvin; 3 grandchildren; brothers, Greg (Diane) and Steve; sisters, Mary (Todd) Wolfram and Helen (John) Csik; step daughters, Lisa Nehrig and Kimberly Holland-Oweis; several nieces and nephews. Michael was a true lover of music. He was predeceased by his mother, Lois." Read More...

Michael Selby

Date Listed: 7/3/03 (1/15/2011)

Michael Selby

5 Bungalow Ave

San Anselmo, CA 94960

(415) 485-6013

Masters in Adult Development/Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin--Madison.

Kentucky Bureau of Prisons, Wisconsin Auto and Truck Dealers, Hewlett-Packard, Self-employed since 1990.

Married to Gudrun Zomerland (1996), I have two boys from previous marriage to Maggie Schumacher Selby: Chris (32) and Paul (30)

After 30 years of steering clear of churches, I got involved two years ago in a Unity church, and am now the resident amateur Scripture scholar, teaching adult Scripture classes. For work, I'm a management consultant. Life is going well.

I remember those days quite fondly. Sure it was a tumultuous time, but I have treasured the experience of community all my life. I feel lucky to have been part of a pretty remarkable group of people.

Louis Smith

Date Listed: 7/16/03 (1/15/2011)

Louis Smith

2584 East Burnett Avenue

Louisville, KY 40217

(502) 634-1035

Bellarmine College, BA, 1970; CTU 1970-71

Kentucky State Reformatory 1974-89 (employment not a resident); Branch Manager, Information Technology Branch, Ky. Dept. of Corrections, 1990-98; Chief Information Officer, Ky. Justice Cabinet, 1998-2002; Retired 12/02;Currently product manager for Appriss, Inc. in Louisville.

Married Nancy Watson (Harry's sister) in 1973, three sons Sean (25), Adam (19) and Mark (15)

A lot of great memories about everyone from days in Warrenton, St. Paul, Louisville, and Chicago. I have told a lot of people that I wouldn't give up any of the memories from those days.

Louis Smith

Date Listed: 8/5/03

Bernie Spaunhorst

187 Timber Pines Dr.

Defiance, MO 63341

(636) 398-5302

University of Missouri - B.S. Education; Northeastern New Mexico University - M.A. - Psychology and Personnel Services

Children's Home Director; Elementary School Counselor; Elementary chool Principal; Retired from salaried jobs at age 54. Currently happily nemployed.

Married with 5 children (yours, mine and ours).

Those were the good times and the bad times. Many fond memories and some painful memories too.

George Alex Steinmiller

Date Listed: 7/2/03 (1/15/2011)

Fr. G. Alex Steinmiller, C.P.

1910 19th St. Ensley

Birmingham, AL 35218

Life Directions, Inc

I'm a Passionist and I pretty much work with unchurched people under 35.

Yeah, I was at St. Meinrad's & at CTU in those days. Enjoyed visits with my "younger brothers".

Michael Joseph Stengel

Date Listed: 7/5/21

Fr. Michael Joseph Stengel, C.P. († 1929-2010)

"STENGEL, REV. MICHAEL JOSEPH C.P., 81, of Louisville, died Thursday, May 27, 2010. He was a native of the Highlands in Louisville. He professed his vows as a Passionist in 1950 and was ordained a priest in 1957. As a priest, Fr. Stengel generously served as a seminary formation director, novice master, retreat director, itinerant preacher, provincial and local superior."He is survived by his Passionist community; brother, John Stengel and his wife, Edna Bryant Stengel; and many other relatives and friends." Read more...

From Find-A-Grave (#92050183):

"William LeMarr Stengal was born to Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph & Lucy (Dugan) Stengel, on the 3rd floor, of St. Anthony's Hospital, in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, May 11, 1929, the second, of their only two children. When Rudy & Lucy Stengel left the hospital with little Billy, they drove past their home, at 1614 Shady Lane, to St. Agmes Church, and dedicated their son to God's service, at St. Joseph's altar. He remained true to that dedication all of his life." Read more...

Click here for a pictorial tribute.

Charles Stockbauer

Date Listed: 7/1/03

Charles Stockbauer († February 10, 1946-July 10, 1969)

Specialist Four


Home of Record: St Joseph, MO

Date of birth: 02/10/1946


Service: Army of the United States

Grade at loss: E4

Rank: Specialist Four

ID No: 496567876

MOS: 91B20: Medical NCO

Length Service: 01



Start Tour: 12/02/1968

Incident Date: 07/10/1969

Casualty Date: 07/10/1969

Age at Loss: 23

Location: South Vietnam

Remains: Body recovered

Casualty Type: Hostile, died outright

Casualty Reason: Ground casualty


Detail: Multiple fragmentation wounds

URL: ON THE WALL—Panel 21W Line 095

Frederick Sucher

Date Listed: 5/30/99 (1/15/2011)

Fr. Frederick Sucher, C.P.† (February 04, 1917-May 31, 2013)

1924 Newburg Rd

Louisville, KY 40205

(502) 452-2749

"Father Frederick Sucher, C.P., age 96, died May 31st at Mercy Sacred Heart Home, Louisville, KY. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, he professed his Passionist Vows in 1938, and was ordained priest in 1944. He is survived by his Passionist Community, his sister Sr. Hilda Sucher, R.S.M. of Detroit, and numerous other relatives. As a Passionist and priest, Fr. Fred generously served God as a seminary professor, formation director, itinerant preacher, a member of local and provincial leadership teams, a scholar of Passionist life and spirituality for religious and laity, a team member for numerous Marriage Encounters, and a spiritual companion to many laity and religious. He translated from original Italian the inspirational works of early Passionists, including over 2000 letters of Passionist Founder St. Paul of the Cross." Read more...

Pictorial tribute to Father Fred

John 'Zeke' Swalina

Date Listed: 7/19/03

John William "Zeke" Swalina

1701 Telegraph Road

Saint Louis, MO 63125

(314) 544-3180

June 25, 1968 USMC San Diego Radio Relay; Mar 1969-Mar 1970 Vietnam early out to go to school (whoopee); 1974 Palmer College of Chiropractic for 22 months of a 33-month program (didn't finish this one either.

Union roofer since Jan. 1976; moved back to St. Louis, 1984

Married Barbara Birkenmeier; two lovely children both college grads and doing fine Barb has been teaching elementary school for eleven years.

We really were on the right track in the seminary. Christ is the way the truth and the light no matter how we travel through this temporary human experience until we all reach the same Father.

Great people, great times. God bless every one with health and happiness.