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Norb Federspiel

Date Listed: 6/27/03

Norb Federspiel

1120 S. Homewood Drive

Charleston, WV 25314

(304) 343-0033

Bellarmine BA 1970, U. of Richmond Law School, JD, 1977

Many, including Self Employed country lawyer, Staff Attorney to a state agency in Virginia, and currently director of West Virginia's criminal justice planning agency. Director, WV Division of Justice and Community Services Adjunct Instructor-Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College

Married 1973, divorced 1982. Two sons from that marriage, William (1976) and Andrew (1979) Both through college (whew!). Married Dorothy Ann Henry 1984. (Three adult step-kids).

Life's still interesting with challenges. Never knew poverty till trying to practice as a country lawyer. Now moved to West by god Virginia to make my fortune. A guys got to be nuts to work it that way. But the job challenges are fun and its great to feel one is contributing to a better place.

What a time. Attitudes developed there still drive me.

James Finder

Date Listed: 7/23/03 (1/15/2011)

Fr. James Finder

Holy Cross

415 School Ave

Cuba, MO 65453-1036

I am a parish priest and also live one day in a hermitage to keep my monk alive.

I remember all the crazy times at novitiate, licking lines, mortification of the eyes, chapter of faults, kneeling outside refectory, two o'clock matins, the matins rattle, when the novice master would leave and Fr. Ambrose would call a half day and a stay down, cokes and cookies. guys leaving in the middle of the night. sandal straps breaking on investiture day and the thorn sticking in my head on profession day.

Don Finneran

Don Finneran

Laurence Finn

Date Listed: 1/13/2011 (1/15/2011)

Bro. Laurence Finn, C.P.

Ui-dong 245-4, Kangbuk-gu

Seoul 142-871

Republic of Korea

(02) 990-1004

Jefferson Community College, ADSN, 1972; Bellarmine, BA, 1975; Myeong-Dong Inst., Diploma, 1982.

Passionist in Korea, 1975-89, 1995-03; Passionist Generalate, 1989-95. Finally professed 1971, Assigned to Korea 1975. Involved in Retreat Centers and Formation for most of these years. Years in Rome I was secretary to the Superior General of the Passionists. Have lived happily as a Passionist Brother since the Louisville years here in Korea and the period in Rome. Have only been back a few times to Louisville, and then only for a day or two.

Time of great confusion, but was generally so busy with school and training that I didn't have time to pay it much attention. Sadly saw so many fine men leave the community—but happily see that many ended up in service-orientated careers.

Can't think of a thing!

Jack Furlong

Date Listed: 7/21/03 (1/15/2011)

Jack Furlong

109 Romany Road

Lexington, KY 40502


Bellarmine: graduated 1968; U.S. Army and Vietnam 68-70; Graduate School Catholic University, M.A. 1972; PhD 1982

Coppin State College, Baltimore Md. 1976-1989; Associate Professor Transylvania University 1989-presents; Professor

Married, Nancy Fischer 1969. Daughters: Ellen 1981; graduated Transylvania, math 2003, graduate school OSU this fall Maggie (adopted) 1984, graduated high school 2002, working at restaurant.