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Rick Lange

Rick Lange

Fr. Germain Legere, C.P.

Date Listed: 6/5/2011

Fr. Germain Legere, C.P. († 1915–2006)

"LEGERE, REV. GERMAIN, C.P., 91, of Louisville, passed away to God on Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 4:20 a.m. He was a member of the Passionist Community, Sacred Heart Retreat, 1924 Newburg Rd. Fr. Germain was a native of N. Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. The family moved to Chicago, IL when he was young. After he attended the Passionist Prepatory Seminary, he took his vows as a Passionist religious on July 25, 1935. Ordination to the Priesthood took place on May 30, 1942. He taught in the Passionist Seminary from 1942-1968." Read more...

Click here for a tribute to Fr. Germain.

Bob Leigh

Date Listed: 2/6/2011

Robert J. Leigh († 1930-2020)

236 Eagen Mountain Drive

Hope, ID 83836

"Bob was born August 14, 1930 to Roy J. Leigh and Elizabeth M. Leigh in Chicago, Illinois. He entered eternity on July 13, 2020 from complications of Parkinsons. His grade school years were at St. Viator’s on Chicago’s Northwest side. He entered the minor seminary at age 13 to pursue a vocation in the Roman Catholic priesthood. During his theological studies in Italy, it became apparent that a priesthood was not for him. He accepted this decision and came to appreciate it better in later years." Read more...

Tony Linz

Date Listed: 6/28/2011

Tony Linz

903 Old Course Lane

Cinncinati, OH 45245

(513) 753-5105

Steve Lubbert

Date Listed: 7/8/03

Steve Luebbert

417 Brierton

Festus, MO 63028

(636) 931-2436

Bellarmine and CTU

After ordination, I worked for four years out of Detroit doing seminars for college students around the country. I then went to SIU Carbondale to work at the Newman Center. I left the priesthood and then worked at St. Louis Archdiocese in their group homes. That led to a career working with folks with developmental disabilities. I spent 13 years with the State Dept. of Mental Health. I am now 6 years into being Director at an agency in Jefferson County supporting adults with developmental disabilities.

I was married for 9 years, divorced in 1995.

So many memories and such precious times—from Gross Point to the jock drop fake to not dancing at Leo's and the teen club at Mother of Sorrows to Ron Mazzoli and Gary Burbank. And through it all so many wonderful brothers.