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Stephan George

Date Listed: 6/30/03 (1/15/2011)

Stephan George

21241 N 17th Place

Phoenix, AZ 85024

M: (602) 284-6621

Bellarmine College (Louisville, KY), BA Philosophy/Biology, 1969; Indiana University (Bloomington), MA Plant Sciences, 1976; Pacifica Graduate Institute (Santa Barbara, CA), 2000, MA Counseling.

Danville Industrial Distributors, 1975-1976; Hewlett-Packard Co. 1977-1998; self-employed, 1998-present, Contract Grief Counselor, Phoenix, AZ, 2000-2006, Teacher, High School and Paradise Valley Community College, 2002-present.

Lucille Lynch, 1969, divorced 1987; Married Cheryl Martin, 1988 - no children.

After Louisville, I have seen the world working for Hewlett-Packard. Have lived in Bloomington, IN, Danville, KY, Greensville, IN, Chadds Ford, PA, Waldbronn, Germany, Sunnyvale, CA, Hong Kong, China, Atlanta, GA, and Phoenix, AZ.

The death of Fr. Alexis Quinlan...the solitude of the 'clapper'...Bird-watching with Brother David Williams...Retreats with Dan Walsh...Lectures by Fr. Barnabas Ahern, Fr. Melvin Glutz...The Depression-era swimming pool with water cold as unscored-upon intermural football season...the Bellarmine-Spaulding-Ursaline Variety Show.

Vincent Giegerich

Date Listed: 7/1/03

Vincent Giegerich

2846 Regan Road

Louisville, KY 40206

(502) 895-5906

Completed doctoral dissertation 1969, Ph.D. from Universite de Montreal 11/24/70. Later studies at CTU ('74) and University of Louisville (Public Administration).

Taught philosophy at Bellarmine until '72; served on retreat team in Warrenton '72-74, Cincinnati '75-77, while giving retreats to religious and priests across the Midwest and southwest without great distinction. Left Passionists 6/17/77, returning to Louisville. Worked as switchboard operator for Courier-Journal and Times '77-83. Substitute taught for Jefferson Co. Public Schools, Fall '77. Taught philosophy part-time at University of Louisville and Jefferson Community College '77-86, including courses for inmates at men's and women's state reformatories (men's class surpassed in brilliance only by those of Passionist seminarians!) Worked full-time for City of Louisville from December 1977 until retirement January 1995. Was eventually responsible for program planning and development in CETA and JTPA training of disadvantaged persons.

Married Alberta Eiden 10/4/87. She had been an Ursuline novice at Bellarmine when I first met her in 1969. Some of you will remember her, perhaps. She remembers many of you. After I left the community in '77, she was very supportive. We became best friends first; eventually decided to risk our best friendship through marriage.

I have written a 30-page memoir and reflection about our years together from 1966-72. Some of you have seen it. If anyone would like a copy, I can Kinko it and mail you one. Also have published a book of short poems about life in my chosen neighborhood, "Riedlonn Reflections." Unfortunately the latter is out-of-print at this time. My wife and I have become members of St. Leonard Catholic Community, a parish about two blocks from our home. I was recently nominated for parish council but chose not to run, thereby preserving my freedom to be, at times, a member of the loyal opposition, advocating such "unorthodox" positions as women and married priests, welcoming gay and lesbian couples, etc., etc.

Some of you I remember better than others. All favorably, I think. Those were exciting years and deserve more praise and appreciation than they have received, for example, in the recent history of Bellarmine College's first fifty years, published locally, where we are dispatched in less than two pages. I remain good friends with many of the Passionists--after all, 31 years together was a long time--a precious time for me.

Ron Glastetter

Ron Glastetter

Larry Goodwin

Date Listed: 7/1/03

Larry Goodwin

2630 E. 1st St.

Duluth, MN 55812

(218) 723-6033

Mark Grabanski

Mark Grabanski

Jim Griffith

Date Listed: 6/30/03 (1/15/2011)

Bro. Jim Griffith, C.P.

35090 W. 8 Mile Rd., #6

Farmington Hills MI 48335

Spalding University, Louisville, KY. B.S.; CTU; Sacred Heart Seminary Detroit, Mich., Deaconate studies; Graduate School of Theo. J.S.T.B. Berkeley, Calif., sabbatical

Bishop Borgess High School, Detroit, MI. St. Mary's of Wayne, Wayne Mi. St. Gemma's Detroit, MI. Founder and E. D. of Steven's House, Houston, Tex.

Steven's House in an Intermediate Care facility for Persons living with HIV/AIDS. I opened it in 1992, trying to meet the needs of the pandemic at that time. It was named after Steve Mudd, CP. Thanks to the help of many, a few good grants, and God's grace, it still exists today with the second person I hired now in charge.

It was sort of like Animal House with prayer, some of the best years of my life.