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Stephen F. Rose

Date Listed: 9/2/03 (1/15/2011)

Stephen F. Rose

1889 Princeton Drive

Louisville, KY 40205

(502) 459-8259

Bellarmine, University of Louisville., Masters in Community Development

Thomas G Ransdell, Home Builder/Manager; City of Louisville, Housing Rehab Supervisor, Sandefur Management, Apartment Development and anagement; Broad Street Management, Section 8 property management; Prudential Parks & Weisberg REALTORS

Marilyn Kurzendoerfer, 6 children: Steve, Bryan, Margaret Ann, Amy, Debbie, Mary Allison.

Still in Louisville raising kids.

Funny thing about living in Louisville. None of the memories and closeness of the sem goes very far. It is a way with you. I am not sure if that is good, bad or indifferent. I really do not remember much of the stuff from California in the years of visits...that has faded, but Louisville memories linger strong because of location. Let's share these next year.

Robert Rogalski

Fr. Robert Rogalski, C.P. († 1930–1987)

"Born on June 10, 1930 in Chicago, he graduated from St. Constance School in 1944. That same year he began studies for the diocesan priesthood at Quigley North Preparatory Seminary, Chicago. Upon graduation in 1949 he entered St. Mary of the Lake Seminary at Mundelein, Illinois. After three years he graduated with a BA in Philosophy and English in 1952. While there he read an article in Review for Religious that was written by Father Fidelis Rice, C.P. When he went to the Passionist monastery on Harlem Avenue, Chicago to find out more about the Passionists he met Father Barnabas Ahern, C.P. A short time later he decided to enter the Passionist novitiate at St. Paul, Kansas. He professed his vows on August 1, 1953. Studies followed in Chicago from 1953 until 1955 and Louisville from 1955 until 1957. He was ordained in Louisville on May 25, 1957. After a year of sacred eloquence in Sierra Madre, California he became professor of philosophy and ethics in the Chicago Passionist Monastery." Read more...

James Ryan

Date Listed: 7/29/03

Jim Ryan

W 1735 Potter Rd.

Burlington, WI 53105-2731


CTU- M.Div.; University of Kentucky- M.A., Political Science The Union Institute, Cincinnati- Ph.D., Social Ethics

Episcopal Diocese of Lexington, KY; University of Wisconsin Extension; Careers Industries, Inc., Racine, WI

Married Jean Ford in 1985. We literally bought the Ford family farm (or 40 acres, house and buildings in Iowa). Guess we may wind up there someday.

How can there be justice in a world where Norb winds up in Appalachia and I am surrounded by cheeseheads? Jean and I participate in Jesus Our Shepherd Parish, Nenno, Wisconsin. I am co-pastor with Frank Baiocchi, Jean is organist/choir director, and Anne (Frank's wife) joins us as the Leader Team of the Parish. JOS,, is a growing inclusive Catholic Community and a blessing in all our lives. Visit our website and maybe our homily notes will be a little helpful! Or better yet, come visit!

Who really were the (ir)responsible parties behind the Synical Sophomore Bulletin Board? And Roger dropping his shoes on the floor above us as we "worked" those long hard hours into the night under the heavy thumb or fist, Jim Bobula and then, Don Webber.