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Paul Wadell

Date Listed: 1/21/2011

Paul Wadell

St. Norbert College

100 Grant Street

Boyle Hall, 431

De Pere, WI 54115

(920) 403-3084

B.A., Bellarmine College; M.Div., Catholic Theological Union; M.A., Catholic Theological Union; Ph.D., University of Notre Dame.

Harold Watson

Date Listed: 4/24/04 (1/15/2011)

Harry Watson († 1947–2018)

12102 Saratoga Estates Rd.

Louisville, KY 40299

(502) 266-3266

Bellarmine. After leaving the Passionists, went back to Bellarmine but my draft number came up and French was still too much. Fortunately I failed the draft.

After short stints as a radio disc jockey and offset press operator I went into sales. I worked for two local office equipment companies before going to Pitney Bowes. After ten years there I went to work with a local long distance company as sales manager. Five years later the company was sold and I was "down-sized". I wound up back at Pitney Bowes and after 18 months there I decided to start my own business. A friend who was also with Pitney joined me in starting our own mailing service company. We have been in business for 9 years and it has really been a lot of hard work but very successful.

I married Teresa Holtzman from Our Mother Of Sorrows in 1972, best thing that ever happened to me. We have 3 children. Amy is married with three children of her own, (grand kids are great), Sara is in U of L Medical School and Steven, who just turned 21 is in U of L Speed school. Teresa is the Director of Pregnancy Helpline. This is a non-profit agency which provides women with an alternative to abortion and also provides assistance to those in need.

The years in the Prep, Detroit and Louisville were great. The memories are so vivid that it all seems like yesterday. Teresa and I are excited about the reunion and look forward to seeing everyone.

"Watson, Harry, 70, passed away February 14th, 2018. Harry was the owner and operator of Mail Louisville. He was a member of St. Michael Catholic Church and served as a church musician. He was a member of the Passionist Community Alumni. His parents, Harold and Mildred Stayton Watson preceded him in death. Harry is survived by his loving wife, Teresa Holtzmann Watson; three devoted children, Amy M. Ryan (Marty), Sara E. Watson-Rasnake (Matthew) and Steven M. Watson (Ruthie); six grandchildren, Alivia, Holly and Emma Ryan; Leah, Ian and Adeline Rasnake; two sisters, Nancy Smith (Louie) and Liz Sneed (Darla) and one brother, John Watson (Lisa)." See more...

Donald Webber

Date Listed: 7/29/03

Fr. Don Webber, C.P.

5700 N Harlem Ave

Chicago, IL 60631

(773) 631-6336

Jerry Westphal

Jerry Westphal

James Williams

Date Listed: 8/11/03

Jim Williams

4536 S. Sixth St.

Louisville, KY 40214

(502) 361-4508

Kent School of Social Work at U of Louisville-MSSW

Married Claire. Have son named Jacob.

Jonah (Tom) Wharff

Date Listed: 6/3/2011

Fr. Jonah (Tom) Wharff, O.C.S.O.

New Melleray Abbey

6632 Melleray Circle

Peosta, Iowa 52068

(563) 588-2319

University of Iowa BA Psychology ('74); U of Nebraska MA Counseling ('81) Sacred Heart -Theology (08)

Chairing Dep't and Teaching psychology at Bellevue University was very fulfilling; Director of Adjustment Counseling Services and Staff Development for Nebraska Vocational Rehab was also a challenge.

I entered new Melleray in January of 2000; first profession in January of '03; solemn vows in January of '06; ordained in December of '08 I really enjoy being guestmaster now at New Melleray. Was appointed Prior in 2011.

Tim Wolf

Date Listed: 6/8/04

Tim Wolf

3073 Broadway #217

San Diego, CA 92102

(619) 501-4064

Bellarmine-Ursuline 1969-70, University of Nevada, Reno, 1971-74 BA, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, United States International University, 1976-80, MA, Family and Child Clinical Services, Ph.D. Psychology Published articles in the areas of sexuality, child abuse, and hypnosis co-authored Bisexuality, Research and Theory (1987) Two Lives to Lead (1989).

BWG Educational Consultants, LLC. Partner in Educational Consulting Firm which does start-up, management and district consulting for charter schools and private schools.

Married for 25 years to Raydene, 2 kids Sara, 16, sophomore in high school in San Diego, Andrew 19, first year at San Diego State University, currently divorced but the family still churches, celebrates and travels together, currently living with male partner and we share residences between San Francisco and San Diego.

The time I spent in Louisville I remember fondly and it certainly centered around the Barn. I remember the Barn being a quiet place to get away to study during the day and a fun place to talk, wrestle, and socialize at night. It was a great year at Louisville, besides really not liking the college, the companionship of the guys was the best ever: Highlights were playing football on the lower fields, my daily runs through Louisville especially in the spring as the trees and flowers blossomed, skinny-dipping in the pool at night, sleeping out on the porch till it snowed, always expecting a prank to come my way or planning one, decorating rooms and halls, debating all over the country with the Bellarmine debate team, socializing with the college kids, that special Passionist spiritual companionship the Passionist that held us so tight, the wonderful example and relationships with the priests and brothers.

Edward Wolterman

Date Listed: 6/2/04

Ed Wolterman

10479 Sugardale

Harrison, OH 45030


Bellarmine 1969

Insurance Agent for 20 years. Currently the Business Manager for St. John the Baptist Parish and probably will remain there for many years to come.

Wife Linda married in 1972; 3 children: Brian (married, age 30) Jill (married, age 26) Dianna (age 23 college).

I would love to hear from and talk to Jerry Westphal again. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

I miss many of the old friendships.

Scott Woodward Joyce Woodward

Date Listed: 6/28/03 (1/15/2011)

Scott Woodward

1505 Sylvan Wynde

Louisville Kentucky 40205

(502) 454-0703

Masters degree in medicine, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1973-75

Emory University, Instructor, Anesthesia 1975-78. Physician Assistant in Anesthesia, Anesthesia Associates of Louisville, 1978-present.

I married Joyce Jeffers, Bellarmine class of '70, a major babe, and we have a set of twins Ryan and Josh, who are 28, and Kevin, 21.

After studying in Atlanta, I moved back to Louisville, joined St. Agnes Church, been doing anesthesia at the same hospital for the last 25 years. Got fat then got thin, learned French, traveled a lot with the boys and Joyce, and generally had a fine time.

I enjoyed the years that I was with the Passionists, except the semester I roomed with John Patrick Day, God love him. I was staying with my family at the retreat house when the monastery was hit by the earthquake. Joyce and I got to tour Sts. John and Paul when we were in Rome and Joyce and I attended the 150-year anniversary of the Passionists come to America, in Philadelphia last year. All this tells you that the Passionists are not far from my heart. Although, I do have a recurring nightmare that I am back in the monastery, go figure!