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Frank Cameron

Date Listed: 11/8/11

Frank Cameron

6005 Alvarado Way

Louisville, KY 40205

(502) 452-6642

Loyola University Chicago IL, BA; University of Louisville, MA Ed

Teaching children with autism. Writing a handbook on how to teach children with autism. Teaching Chilren with autism. Working to provide services for adults with autism

Married 42 years to Julie Becker/4 children/3 grandchildren

Warrenton has positively influenced me all my life. I loved it.

Charley Campbell

Date Listed: 6/15/03

Charley Campbell († 1937–2012)

Rt. 2 Box 503

Vanceberg, KY 41179

(606) 798-3766

Self-employed artist. Makes faceted glass stained glass windows, paints watercolors of old buildings, and paints oils on wood.

Married with 5 children, the youngest is in college - the rest are married. 6 grandchildren and three on the way.

It was neat to see these again. Recently I found the sketches that I did before painting the walls of the barn.

"Charles David Campbell of Concord, Kentucky,Age 74, passed away peacefully with his family by his side early Saturday morning July 28, 2012 at the University of Kentucky Medical Center Lexington, Kentucky.

Charley was born in Dayton, Ohio November 14, 1937 to the late Harry & Edith Whitesell Campbell. Charley being a long time resident of Lewis County worked in various artistic media. He was a loving husband, father, & grandfather. He loved to sketch daily, and read westerns along with working crossword puzzles.

Charley was a graduate of Dayton Art Institute in Dayton, Ohio. Was a member of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, and a member of the Lewis County Theatre Guild. Read more...

George Carson

Date Listed: 1/29/2011)

George Carson

4522 CR 2480

Willow Springs, MO 65793

(620) 421-6158

Bellarmine until the end of Sophomore year. Graduated South West Missouri State, 1971, BS, psychology.

Have managed and partnered in a lumber yard for 17 years. For the last 17 years I have farmed. Cattle and a peach orchard.

I married Patty Carson, Mike Carson's sister, in 1970. We have four children and nine grandchildren. We worked in Marriage Encounter from about 1980 to 1983. Time with grandkids is great. Love being outdoors. We love to hike.

Sleeping on the porch. Skating on the river. Philosophical discussions...touch football.

Mike Carson Janell Smith Carson

Date Listed: 1/15/2011

Mike Carson

2280 24000 Rd

Parsons, KS 67357

(620) 421-6158

BS, Bellarmine College, MS/ED.S, Pittsburg State University.

Bunch. Owned financial services and farmed for seven years with my brother. Coached and taught 25 yrs. Am now a school principal.

Married Janell Smith from Fredonia KS, world record holder and 1964 Olympian on cover of Sports Illustrated, May 10, 1965. [She was inducted in the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame in 2009...SAG] Three sons, a veterinarian, a farmer, a construction superintendant., 6 grandchildren, two girls and four boys.

"Best time of my life . Everyone back then I still consider my best friends in life. Still stay in touch with J.P. - Dan Atkins - George Carson married my sister Patty. Stopped in Louisville in 2001 and got together at Steve Rose's house with a bunch of guys and it was great. Would love to have a reunion based around the guys in the mural."

Mike Clark

Date Listed: 6/30/03

Mike Clark

224 Elm St.

Washington, MO 63090

(636) 239-5900

Bellarmine, B.A., (1970) St. Louis U., J.D.(1978)

Steel Mills for a year, then started a catfish bait business, then bicycle shops and a shrimp company, then law school, then Public Defender work, now country lawyer and thinking that Norbie hasn't described quite all the wonders of poverty.

1974 married Portia Claro, and decided to take in foster kids; got fed up with the Court/social work system and in 1979 started having kids of our own; the youngest of our 4 is now a senior in high school, and all, thank God, take after their mother.

Wouldn't trade a minute of the ten years that bound me to you guys

Don't get me started.

Jim Crimmins

Jim Crimmins

Joe Colace

Joe Colace

Ron Corl

Date Listed: 7/4/21

Ron Corl, C.P. († 1935–2021)

Born: January 23, 1935

Professed: July 9, 1959

Ordained: April 26, 1966

Died: July 3, 2021

Alan Cucchetti

Al Cucchetti

1815 Emerson Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45239

(513) 522-8986

Bellarmine, B.A., (1969), B.A in English

Director of Faith Formation/Youth Minister for 32 years Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Presently Pastoral Life Coordinator Jesuit Spiritual Center, Milford, Ohio.

Being very married to my wife Kathy for 41 years and the proud parents of 7 children and 16 grandchildren.

Having the privilege of serving the Lord by being able to give retreats, parish missions and speak at conferences and renewals throughout Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. Being a part of the New Jerusalem Community with Richard Rohr for 16 years. Being blessed with a very strong and tight knit family (we are very clanish) enjoying my grandchildren so much, whenever I need a shot in the arm, I just go hangout with them, they continue to teach me so much.


Deacon George (Robin) Cousino (1960-1968)

8169 Bluebush

Maybee, MI 48159

(734) 322-4840

Attended Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit Pastoral studies. Ordained Permanent Deacon, Oct. 6, 2007.

Assigned as Deacon to St. Joseph in Maybee, Mich., and St. Patrick in Carlton, Mich.

Married in 1970. Raised 6 sons and have 18 grandchildren and 2 more on the way soon.

Work as a mentor and counselor at the Federal Prison in Milan, Michigan and am on the staff of Hospice of Monroe County.

Blaise Czaja

Date Listed: 1/15/2011

Fr. Blaise Czaja, C.P.

430 Bunker Hill Rd.

Houston, TX 77024

No new degrees but some shrinkage of the brain as I get older.

Presently in Bangalore, India. I have been in India going on two years. I just became superior and director of our theology students here in Bangalore. I don't know if I can take another round of this.

Still wedded to Holy Cross Province. It still looks good, even as it ages.

I often think of all the guys I knew back in those Louisville days. It has been wonderful to get the updates you give of yourselves and families. Your kids are about the age you were when you were in Louisville. Any of them want to raise guinea pigs?

I arrived in Louisville, summer of l968. The mural had been completed by Charley by then. Glad someone has saved its memories.